Lost and Found

  • Hours and Contact Information
    • During office hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 / Lost and Found: 055-310-9600
    • After office hours: after office hours (including holidays) / Daesa Station:055-310-9609

Reporting to the Lost and Found

  • If you find out that you’ve lost an item right after the train leaves: call the emergency office or the lost and found immediately
  • If you find out that you’ve lost an item later on
    • Call the lost and found / Daesa Station(055-310-9600)
    • Customers can also visit the lost and found on the website to check registered items

Lost and Found Management


The goal is to deliver items left behind by customers anywhere in the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit line identified by any staff and customer to their owners within the day when they are found. However, if the owners cannot be found, the items will be transferred to the lost and found and posted on the lost and found website.


After a retention period, the items and a record of lost and found will be transferred to Gimhae Central Police Station.


Lost and found property deemed of little to no value can be disposed of or donated to social welfare organizations and non-profit organizations with an approval of the chief of Gimhae Central Police Station.