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Overview of the Vehicles

Overview of the Vehicles
Category Overview
Vehicle Direct current (DC) powered, steel wheeled and unmanned vehicles
Vehicle Type Light, two-car train (Mca-Mcb)
Vehicle Property Lightweight aluminum body
Inspection and Test Performance test - Korea Railroad Research Institute
Manufacturing test – Korea Rolling Stock Technical Operation
Design Goals
  1. Completely unmaned operation
  2. Enhanced passenger services
  3. Ease of maintenance
  4. Standardized parts
  5. Durable over 30 years

Vehicle Specifications

Vehicle Specifications
Category Specifications Category Specifications
Gauge 1,435㎜ Vehicle Material Aluminum
Passengers Standard Capacity: 184Max Capacity: 304 Vehicle Length 27,000㎜/Car(excluding the connector)
Max. Speed Performance: 80㎞/hOperation: 70㎞/h Width/Height 2,650㎜ / 3,400㎜
Scheduled Speed 33㎞/h+ Weight 46.5T (empty), 66.5T (full)
Acceleration/Deceleration 1.1㎨, 1.3㎨ Current Collection 750V DC, bottom-contact, third rail
Speed Control VVVF Invertor Control Braking Electric Command Brake with Regenerative Braking Air Braking (load compensating control)
Indoor Noise 78 dB(A), 70㎞/h Brake Type Commercial/Emergency/Parking/Stopping

*Scheduled Speed: The ratio of the total distance covered and total time of run including time of stops