Overview of the Charter

  • The customer charter sets out our promise for providing our customers with the best possible services and ensuring safe travels, on-schedule operation, hygienic safety, accessibility, reliability and passenger comfort.
  • The customer charter reflects our strong will to keep our commitment and responsibilities to provide high-quality, professional services.

Customer Charter

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Customer Charter

To provide you the safest and the most comfortable services, we, the staff of Busan-Gimhae LRT will make sure that,

  • ⅰ. We put safety of our customers above all else,
  • ⅱ. We run on schedule and provide prompt services, valuing your precious time,
  • ⅲ. We service you with kindness,
  • ⅳ. We respect all of your valued opinions.

We promise you that we will set and act according to the 「Service Practice Standards」. - The executives and staff of Busan-Gimhae LRT -

Service Practice Standards

Safety of Busan-Gimhae LRT

  • Safety Management of Electric Rail Cars and Facilities – Periodical maintenance and inspection
    • To ensure normal functioning of all the electric rail cars and facilities, we carry out periodical inspections on electricity, communications, signaling system, civil engineering elements, architectural elements and machinery related to Busan-Gimhae LRT
  • Customer Safety Agents at Each Station – Customer safety agents dispatched to each station and technicians carrying out walk-around inspection
    • To response quickly and most efficiently to emergency situations and system errors, customer safety agents are dispatched to each station and maintenance technicians carry out walk-around inspection on LRT facilities


  • Scheduled Runs and Scheduled Train
    • The LRT run 100% according to a set schedule and is made sure that it delays no more than 2 minutes
    • Any delay, technical issue, restoration time and information regarding the operation will be announced to the passengers as quickly as possible.
  • Passenger Service and Compensation for Train Delays and Stops
    • A proof of delay can be issued, if requested, when the train is delayed over 10 minutes
    • If the operator is responsible for delays over 1 hour or last train delays, expenses for alternative transportation will be provided to the customers.

Kind and Comfortable Services

  • Purchasing Ticket – Service Availability Maintained at Optimal Level
    • Ticketing machines and chargers located in easily accessible locations and additionally built when needed.
    • Automated machines are inspected periodically, more than twice a day to maintain maximum performance.
  • Convenient Facilities - E/V, E/S, M/W, public phone
    • Carries out periodic inspections on transit facilities that can be useful for the customers.
  • Clean Environment – Resting Rooms, Platform, Restrooms Cleaned Everyday
    • Resting rooms and platform in all the stations are cleaned twice a day.
    • Restrooms are cleaned and checked more than 6 times a day
    • All the stations are fumigated and inspected more than 9 times a year.
    • Light level in the train is maintained at 300 LUX
    • The temperature is maintained between 24~26℃ in the summer and between 16~20℃ in the winter

Customer-Centered Service

  • Kind Attitude Toward the Customers – Quick and Kind Passenger Services
    • Train staff will assist the elderly, pregnant and persons with disabilities in getting on and off the train if requested.
    • Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit carries out service training with the staff
  • Lost and Found – Daesa Station (055-310-9600)
    • Efficient lost and found operation and promotion on using the service
    • Records on lost and found items can be found on the lost and found page on the official website(http://www.bglrt.com)
  • Customer Opinions - Website
    • Call Center: 055-310-9800
    • Voice of Customers page : http://www.bglrt.com
    • Mails: Business Management Team, usan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit, (655, Sangye-dong) 38, Saengnimdae-ro, Gimahe-si, Gyeongsangnam-do